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Bouquet is inspired by the muted, soft tones of dried flowers and draws inspiration from the design language of ikebana (生け花), the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

 A tactile switch manufactured by JWK in collaboration with Moyu Studio

Switch type: Tactile

Manufacturer: JWK

Housing (top and bottom): Nylon

Stem: POM, long-pole tactile

Leaf: T1 leaf

Spring: 60g 3-stage long spring

No factory lubrication


Groupbuy Duration: September 8, 2021 to October 8, 2021

Fulfillment Period: Three to four months after collection of payment.



CANADA: Ashkeebs

USA: Vala Supply

SOUTH AMERICA: Fancy Customs

EUROPE: MyKeyboard.EU

UK: Protozoa Studio

ASIA: Moyu.studio

China: zFrontier

SEA: Rectangles Store

SEA: Zion Studios


Lubrication Guide: