【In stock】Ice Tactile Switch

  • セール
  • 通常価格 $9.60

Fully transparent axis, as the name implies.If you're an RGB-loving player, it's definitely a big hit.
Even if you don't love rgb, pure transparent colors like a grain of ice will make you love it.
Ice is currently the only fully transparent large paragraph axis available on the market.


  • Tactile
  • 4.0mm travel
  • Stem: PC
  • Top Housing:PC
  • Bottom Housing: PC
  • Spring: 63.5g spring(Non gold plated, Korean KS steel wire)
  • PCB mount (5 pin)
  • Factory lubrication

Compatible: five-legged shaft pcb, MX type standard key cap (common keycap universal)
Fully transparent axis, as the name implies.
Allows each player's hand-made kit to bring the kit light to a superior level even when the keycap is not light-permeable.